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My doctor told me there is no way to have painless periods
– I proved him wrong!

Learn the secrets how to take control of your menstrual cycle.

Imagine life without painful periods

Does your monthly cycle limit your life?
Do you hate being debilitated for days?
Trust me, I know, because I had it bad.
That lead me to a discovery, which
I want to share with you…

Less Pain

Take back the control of your life every day of the month.

Healthy Habits

Learn how to adjust your choices to have easier periods.


Manage your reproductive health to find the right balance for you.

Reviews from others

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“In the crash course
I learned a lot of new
things I was not aware
of before.
With Brittany’s advice
my painful periods are
now gone and I really
feel that the quality of my
life has improved.”

Brittany L. Cheeks bio

Hi, I'm Brittany

This is the part where I tell about myself so others with the same problem can relate, and then the discovery of the solutions that solved the problem for me and others. Controversial approach makes it an intriguing read.

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Peaceful Period CTA

This is not your average health class. No judgement. No shame. Just facts, conversation and getting to know yourself and body better.

1. Learn about the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and what that means for your body and period

2. Explore cycle-syncing and how to use it to optimize your period and days

3. Talk about the foods and things you should be doing each phase to have a better period

4. Change the thinking and conversation around periods